What is Sector X?

ABOUT US Sector X is an innovative platform that combines acceleration and study programs for startups, corporate innovation programs for business, and services for venture investors.

Why do we do what we do?

To help startups gain customers and investments in Ukraine and then successfully scale to other markets. To help corporations innovate faster and become more profitable. Our goals We are building the largest platform in Eastern Europe for synergy of startups and corporations.

For whom we do it?

Our stars are startups at the idea stage and above, medium and large corporations looking towards innovation, and venture capitalists of various types looking for young promising startups to invest.

What distinguishes us from other accelerators?

● Wide expertise with corporate partners in various industries
● A real opportunity to launch a pilot with a partner corporation and get investment from it
● Personalized acceleration program for startups in the format of self-study
● Resources, infrastructure and community of the UNIT.City innovation park
Dominique Piotet, CEO UNIT.City and Sector X Accelerator
Digital Transformation Expert with 20 years of experience, including Fortune Global 500 companies. Dominique is the former CEO of the innovation agency Fabernovel US; also established the digital strategy consulting agency Rebellion Lab in Silicon Valley; providing consulting services directly to project managers and government officials in the United States, Europe, China, Australia, and Japan; managing digital strategies and innovation at BNP Paribas. "I joined UNIT.City because I consider it the place where the next technological breakthrough will take place. Twenty years of experience in Silicon Valley, my own startup and investment experience give me intuitive confidence. I am here to create a sustainable technological ecosystem; to help Ukrainians startups to succeed internationally and provide them with the right environment and culture. I am ready to open UNIT.City and Sector X to the most influential people in the global technology scene and make it a magnet for venture financing. "
Yevgeniia Zhogolieva,
Product and Business Development
Experienced in strategy, venture building and business development. Founded tech ventures in the UK and US, run international innovation consulting practice. Worked as management consultant at KPMG, strategist at Weber Shandwick, led new business development projects (decarbonization and new digital ventures) in largest private energy holding in Ukraine.
Anna Tian
Head of Communications
Ania has been involved in PR and communications for more than 5 years. Has experience in socio-political PR: worked in the Cabinet, USAID; interned in the United States at the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation. She has also worked in IT projects: 1991 Open Data Incubator, 1991 Civic Tech Center, Captain Growth. Over the past year and a half, she has built a strong Sector X brand, also mentoring startups on PR and communications in local and global markets.
Alina Mordovaniuk
Scouting manager
Alina has 4 years of experience in the administration of acceleration programs, and in Sector X she is engaged in team scouting and operational assistance to startups. She coordinated the acceleration program at Blue Lake Accelerator and was the manager of the Ukrainian Innovation Awards
The program is autumn 2018
The peculiarity of the program is the participation
of foreign and Ukrainian corporations that have
formulated their problems and requests and
worked with startups that made their decisions,
throughout the acceleration period. Partner
companies - Bosch, Astarta, OP Bank, Watsons,
Lithuanian Energy.
To participate in the accelerator, we invited startups in stages from just a strong team to product sales.

The program consisted of two modules. In the first module, Sandbox, which lasted one month, the teams were given a list of problems / tasks formulated by corporations, and the teams had to find and defend their solution. If the decision was validated, the teams went to the second module - Acceleration, which lasted another two months, and the work in which was entirely devoted to product development, launching a corporate pilot and the first sales.

The composition of the acceleration program:

1. Daily work within the framework of a traction card
2. Weekly point workshops
3. Weekly face-to-face sessions with corporate partners
4. Weekly traction sessions with experienced trackers
5. Individual traction sessions with a personal tracker
6. Meetings with founders and entrepreneurs (Founder Talks)
7. Consultations with mentors and experts
8. Consultations with the accelerator team
Accelerator provided:
Workplace in UNIT.City for a team of up to three people Investments of up to $ 25 thousand

Among the mentors of the program were:

Marvin Liao with 500 startups Andriy Kunov (Silicon Valley Innovation Center) Andrew Verbitsky (Airbnb) Mike Bradshaw (Startup Sauna) and others
Out of more than 150 applications submitted to the Sandbox, 23 teams passed at different stages. Eight teams passed the Acceleration stage, 5 of which managed to survive, defend the value of their decision and get investment from Sector X. These were: Evolta, NaomiHire, Mobimill, ARBrowser and Easy Testing.

The program ended at the end of January 2019.

Spring 2019 program
Key feature of the program -
acceleration in New York with
an entrance to the US market.
In February 2019, Sector X opened a set of applications, and on March 4, the second set started. As in the previous set, the acceleration program consisted of two modules - Sandbox and Accelerator. The sandbox took place in Kyiv and lasted a month. The work was dedicated to confirming the existence of the problem and the potential of solutions that startups are working on for the US market. The second module - Accelerator - lasted 2 months and took place in New York. The aim of the second module was to launch pilots with customers, first sales and preparation for the next round of funding.

The composition of the acceleration program:

1. Daily work within the framework of a traction card
2. Point workshops with American investors and entrepreneurs
3. Weekly traction sessions with experienced trackers
4. Individual traction sessions with a personal tracker
5. Meetings with founders and entrepreneurs (Founder Talks)
6. Consultations with mentors and experts
7. Consultations with the accelerator team
Accelerator provided:
21 startups were accepted in sandbox, and AssayMe (Ukraine), PeerClick (Belarus) and Nuwork (Ukraine) reached the end of the acceleration.

Venture school
in May-June 2019
In May-June 2019, Sector X held the first
Venture in Ukraine school for potential
business angels. It was attended
by 9 students.
The speakers of the school were experienced business angels and venture investors from Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark and Finland), Turkey and the USA, in particular: Annette Nordval - Sweden's Investor of the Year, works in Stockholm as a partner of Capital A Partners, Nordic Tech Foundation in the USA Jens Damsgaard is a partner of the Open Circle Capital venture fund in Lithuania and Science Ventures Denmark in Denmark Timo Ketonen is the founder of the family investment company Aboa Advest (impact investing, Finland) Kang Sarakoglu is the founder of the venture fund for early stage startups String Ventures (Turkey) Marvin Liao is a Partner and Accelerator Chairman of 500 Startups in San Francisco

Thanks to the program, students learned:

1. Develop investment portfolio management strategies
2. Choose strategies for earning in the venture capital market
3. Analyze the main risks
4. Have key metrics for technology business analysis
5. Form strategies for leaving the company and co-investment
6. Determine the value of technology companies at different stages
7. Structure venture agreements by terms and jurisdiction
12 pilots with corporates in 6 industries
1000+ Startups form CIS region
1000+ Startups form CIS region
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